more old projects

It was my first christmas as Mrs Gunn this year and we had so much fun decorating our very own tree! I had found some 2nd hand christmas baubles in a charity shop at a bargain which I used for my very own crochet christmas šŸ™‚
Using Pip Lincoln’s crochet christmas bauble pattern here is what I came up with:

christmas baubles
They looked so pretty on our tree!

As well as the lovely large crochet baubles from pip, I wanted to try these slightly more intricate christmas baubles by greedy for colour. For these I used cotton DK and a 3.5mm crochet hook. They are soooo neat!



2 thoughts on “more old projects

  1. oh my gosh Julie! Where did you learn to crochet so neatly! must have been all those hours in the grade 1 class room on saturday morning! ha! do remember we were always so useless at finishing our project before the next class and would end up madly crocheting before handwork started with miss milliards beady eyes our one fear!

    • yes I think I took all term to crochet 4 small squares to make a cushion and in the end Miss Deacon had to finish it for me so it could be in the display for the parents to see! Now I just love it! I could crochet all day long! xxx

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