handmade cushions

Over the christmas holidays we were staying with my lovely, very crafty, mum-in-law. She kindly taught me how to use her sewing machine and together we created my very first cushion. The pretty linen fabric came from a good friend of my mum-in-law’s. To my surprise the cushion turned out really well!

blossom cushion

Rather than sewing in zips (which I am told can be very fiddly) we simply closed the back of the cushion by sewing on ribbon and a couple of buttons.

blossom cushion back

I was hooked! The day after making my first cushion I went out and bought some fancy trims to try some differnt styles:

the lacey cushion:
Lacey cushion

Lacey cushion back

the pom-pom cushion:
pom pom cushion

and the stripey cushion:
stripey cushion

here they all are together:
handmade cushions

4 thoughts on “handmade cushions

  1. Chu, you must look up a tv series called ‘Kristies Homemade home’. It just so reminds me of what you and lee anne are doing right now and i think it will give you a lot of inspiration. The book I’m told is not so good but the series is excellent! we had it on our Dstv and i relished every minute!

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