memorable monday

Does anyone remember “The Littles”? It’s a TV series that aired in the 80’s but we used to watch it growing up! Similar to The Borrowers, the show is about a family of little people living in the walls of a young boy’s home, I loved it!

the littles
the littles 5
the littles 2

the littles 3

the littles 4

you can’t stop the littles coz the littles don’t stop!


2 thoughts on “memorable monday

  1. I was just talking about them with Kendra the other day! I remember sitting on the sitting room floor being glued to the tv with you in the afternoons watching them! i tried to remember the song but kept on merging it with the chipmunks song! haha! i loved reading the borrowers books, they were so imaginative! I used to think we may have had a family of borrowers of our own in the attic. so much fun!

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