lessons in icing

Recently I took a notion to baking cupcakes. I love cupcakes they are sweet and delicious, yet small enough that you don’t feel like a huge glutton after eating one! They can be so pretty too. I have sold a few of my cupcakes but because of my lack of skills in the decoration department I focused more on exotic flavours rather than looks!
Enter my mum… she is a very skilled, prize winning, cake decorator so I was very happy to have her to stay over the weekend and share with me a few basic techniques. I learnt how to use piping bags and pipe butter cream on the top of my cupcakes in stars and swirls:

piping with the star nozzle
swirl buttercream

I learnt how to make little blossoms using fondant icing, I think they will be just perfect for some Easter cupcakes! finally I was taught all about royal icing and how to flood the top of the cupcake to make a smooth shiny surface for decorating. Aren’t they beautiful!

flooded cupcake 1

flooded cupcake 2

flooded cupcake3

thanks mum πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “lessons in icing

  1. cute chu! I wanted to show you a quick way of making a rose to go ontop of a cupcake. It actually uses fondant or sugar paste icing instead of flower paste. IT only takes 2 minutes to make one and although noway near as delicate as mum’s they pass on my idea of pretty! Ill try to find the link for the tv filler i saw it in.

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