time to unwind

last weekend was unexpectedly snowy, we decided to stay at home for most of it, which meant time to unwind with a cup of coffee and some crochet; I made a giant granny square from pretty pastel colours…
giant square

giant square2

giant square3

I think it will make a rather lovely cushion cover when it is complete!

Another favourite past time of mine is to browse charity shops for little treasures; my most recent thrifty find: this cute little mug for only 40p! ..wohoo!

thrift mug

thrift mug2

thrift mug3



2 thoughts on “time to unwind

  1. very nice crochet – it will make a lovely cushion cover. i could show you sometime how I lined a top so that it hopefully will keep it’s shape. remind me to show you if you want, next time you are down. lovely mug too. very you! haven’t done any crafts for ages, getting withdrawal symptoms. started a bag, then my mum died and I have done nothing since – only paperwork! but well done, and keep the ideas and projects posted. xx

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