memorable monday

OK! I know it is Tuesday but …

I wanted to share this memory:

paper roses!
I had made them last week from crepe paper,
while making them I was reminded of a song my mum used to sing with us girls while  in the car on the way to town.
A true 70’s hit!

“paper roses, paper roses, oh how beautiful they seem to me, but they’re only imitations like your imitation love for me!”

(kinda harsh lyrics I know, but we loved singing it!).

paper roses
paper roses1
paper roses2
paper roses3
paper roses5
paper roses6

I love you mum!


6 thoughts on “memorable monday

  1. lovely, I want to learn how to make paper flowers, perhaps you could bring some stuff down when you next come – and teach me! they are really lovely. xx

    • Id love to teach you! I dont have many of the supplies though, ill try bring what I have, and ill bring a flower too to show you! the other ones are impossible to travel with as they are about 5ft tall! or 1mtr wide!
      glad you like them!
      lots of love!

      • Ah Julie! As soon as I saw that on FB, I remembered your Mum singing that song! You are SO clever and talented!! I have found you on Pinterest and often have a look at what is new!! hehe!
        Hope you are well and that you are loving married life!! I don’t think I have seen you since you became a ‘Mrs’! Lots of love and hugs

      • Thanks so much Nikki! So glad you like the blog!! I know it has been ages since we saw you! We are hoping to plan a trip to Z at some point soon! Love to you and your lovely family xxxxxx

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