one man’s trash….

on saturday I had the privilege of joining some friends on their stall at a local car boot sale!

It was such a fun day, the weather was perfect and despite waking up at 4:45 am I thoroughly enjoyed searching through all the stalls to find my treasures! I don’t think I was as good at selling stuff as I was at buying stuff  😉

I brought so many beautiful things home all of which were total bargains!

I totally recommend car boots for finding things for your home, there was everything there; from housewares, to DIY stuff, plants, clothes, toys and even lawn mowers! I am soooo addicted and can’t wait to go again soon…

and here is what I bought:

– a beautiful floral lamp base (£5)

– lamp shade (50p)

– large floral vase (£3)

– vintage desk lamp (£1)

– 70’s (?) style teapot (£1.50)

– and 2 bamboo print planters ( £5)

… amazing right!

carboot finds 6carboot finds 05car boot findscarboot finds 5vintage desk lamp vintage pottery from a car boot sale



One thought on “one man’s trash….

  1. That is so awesome, absolutely love car-boot sales and when I liven in the UK… I spent many a cold Saturday morning on a field rummaging through others junk and soon turned into pleasant treasures of my own. Love the Lamp and Lap shade… looks so retro-vintage

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