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wow! It really has been ages since my last post and it is going to be a couple of weeks since my next one as I am off camping (in a caravan) in Somerset. Recently my motivation for creativity has ebbed slightly, so in a way it is good to have a break! Especially one away from the TV!! Yes I am a huge fan of watching TV (oops… it’s out there!). And because I have been spending rather alot of time recently watching it, I thought I would share with you all some of the best of the summer. I have to say that this has been an amazing year for crime drama’s, which are my total favourite!

I’ll start with my favourite of all time: Agatha Christie’s Poirot. I grew up watching Poirot, I have watched this show for years and never tire of it. I love the elegance of the sets and outfits and cars, the excellent plot twists and of course the genius that is Hercule Poirot. It’s is not only his incredibly neat moustache, impeccable taste in .. well absolutely everything  that charms you, but also his absolute confidence in himself that he is ALWAYS right! And probably my favourite thing of all is how he refers to himself in the third person! ha! genius!


So imagine my delight when I discovered ITV were doing another series, I was sad though to learn that this will be their final series.. 😦

Here are some pics from the first episode of the new series “Elephants never forget”: It is brilliant TV and I highly recommend it!



Another great British crime drama, this one I discovered with my mum-in-law: ITV’s Endeavour. Inspector Morse was another detective series we loved as a family and Endeavour tells the story of Morse in his early years as a detective in Oxford in the 60’s. It is absolutely brilliant! Shaun Evans does a fab job as Morse and again I find myself drawn in by the costumes and sets that beautifully portray times past.
ITV-endeavourI was introduced to the whole world of “scandi-drama” through my baby sister and have been hooked ever since. My particular favourite for the summer is Swedish drama Arne Dahl, shown on BBC4. Arne Dahl is based on 5 stories written by Swedish novelist Jan Arnald. The sophisticated, gruesome, intense 10 episodes were filled with suspense and fantastic story-telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and very quickly fell in love with all the different characters in the A-group! Thank you Sweden!

arne dahl
arne dahl
arne dahl
arne dahl

Next is a US series based on a scandi-drama: ABC’s The Killing. This crime drama was unique in that it took a whole 3 series, that is 38 episodes to solve a single murder. How did they manage this? Through some pretty awesome story telling skills which involved numerous red herrings! Throughout the three series you become convinced over and over again that they have the right person only to find the suspect is innocent.
ABC's the killing

ABCs the killing

ABCs the Killing
Again there are strong characters; Detective Linden (the single mum with a mysterious past, throws her whole life into her work and her relationship with her son suffers as a result) and Detective Holder (ex-drug addict and my favourite character, he is so genuine) with whom you can’t help but forge relationships with. I think this show is also unique in it’s portrayal of the murder victim’s family, you enter into their pain and watch as they struggle to cope with the loss. I fell into a love hate relationship with Michelle Forbes’ character (Rosie’s mum) as you can’t help feeling sorry for her but also resenting her a little for the way she deals with her daughter’s death.

ok this is the last one I promise!!!
I only found this show this week. It is currently showing on BBC2 on Saturdays and is set in New Zealand, it is called Top of the Lake. I was intrigued by this show due to the presence of ABC’s Madmen (Aaaah I love that show!) actress Elizabeth Moss. I have only seen 2 episodes and so far so good! It is visually stunning, set around the story of a missing girl and filled with strange, unique characters, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it when I get back!

top of the lake

top of the lake
top of the lake
well that’s all folks! Hope it hasn’t bored you to death!
and I will be back in 2 weeks time


One thought on “good tv

  1. good one Julie. my favourite bit of Endeavour is the end scene of the first episode when his boss asks him where he sees himself in 20(????)years time, and he looks in the car mirror and sees Morse! brilliant, bought tears to my eyes. emotional.

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