A new venture

Hello again, after another looooong break,

this time my excuse for not blogging is a really good one!

Five weeks ago I embarked on a new venture; to run the little cafe at Charis Bible college where I studied for the last three years. The name is “Manna House Cafe” and I provide coffees and teas, snacks and lunches every day to staff and students. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks, cleaning and setting up the kitchen, coming up with menu ideas and having to learn all about budgeting!

Still I really want to keep up with my blog, as I have so loved it, and I thought I could continue by sharing my recipe ideas and attempts at baking while now and then posting some crochet or sewing when I get a chance to complete one of my many projects!

This way, sew a seed remains a creative place to be!

So, without further ado, I introduce to you,

“Manna House Cafe”- delicious home-made food served everyday!

manna house 11manna house 2 manna house 12 manna house 13
I feel very privileged to have been given this project, I love trying new recipes each week and getting to bake lovely things and sell them. Truthfully though I only have succeeded in baking twice since we opened, and have found no-bakes to be the ultimate life savers; fridge cakes and rice-krispie bars..etc are so quick and easy to make and there is never any risk that they haven’t cooked all the way through, it helps too that they are very popular!!!

manna house 1

manna house 9

manna house 8

manna house 7

manna house 6

manna house4

manna house3

I have managed a little crafty effort during lazy evenings over the last 4 weeks… a lovely pom pom garland! It was simple to make and I love how fluffy and pretty it is!
pom pom garland

manna house 10
well that is all folks!

Hope you enjoyed my little catch up…
I’ll be back soon with more tales from Manna House cafe and more



One thought on “A new venture

  1. that’s lovely Julie, love the pom pom garland too. what a fabulous answer to prayer this has been. Praise God for his goodness and provisions eh? keep up the good work, xx

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