the crochet necklace

I fell in love with crochet chain-link chains after seeing yokoo’s etsy shop… such amazing designs and so cool! Of course I had to try and do it myself! I thought id start off small, I would one day love to do the chunky knit sported by yokoo but you know what they say: “don’t despise small beginnings”..  So I followed a pattern by sarah lambeth designs using acrylic yarn and a 3mm crochet hook.

I really like the result don’t you!

crochet chain-link necklace crochet chain link necklace3 crochet chain link necklace6 crochet chainlink necklace4 crochet chainlink necklace5 crochet necklace 2

wassthat you say?  “looks like a chain of woolly sausages around your neck”… How rude!!!

just give it a chance!!!!

I have lots of ideas for future necklaces and of course I have to now try the giant chain-link scarf yokoo style! Just in time for some Christmas prezzies maybe?! xxx


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