crochet baubles

It is probably a little early to be posting about Christmas plans, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year and I can’t wait to get started !!! In addition to the joy of Christmas, is the eventful happening of the upcoming one year anniversary of sew a seed! yayayay!

Way back then, when I started the blog, I shared with you some crochet baubles I had made for our tree last Christmas, they were just soo beautiful and I decided to make loads more this Christmas and try and sell them in the cafe!

Here is my first batch of brightly coloured beauties, spectacular in their festive fabulousness!

nannabaubles nannabaubles2 nannabaubles3 nannabaubles4 nannabaubles6 nannabaubles8 nannabaubles9

Are you feeling in the more in the mood for Christmas?! I am!!!

The pattern for these lovelies is from Pip Lincoln,

I tried my hand at a little animation too… hope you like it!

crochet christmas baubles


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