snuggle up this winter…

… with a handmade pair of chunky crochet slippers!

These lovelies were so simple and quick to make, using a pattern from a magazine which was originally from the book “The Makery”. I whipped these up over Christmas while lounging on my mum-in-laws sofa watching TV! I definitely recommend making these, they are so comfy and so easy.. so grab a 6mm hook and some chunky wool and get to it!

crochet slippers

I added some crochet flowers as a cute embellishment… but anything is possible!

crochet slippers3crochet slippers5 crochet slippers6 crochet slippers7

oh and p.s. Happy new year!



4 thoughts on “snuggle up this winter…

    • Thanks Sara, I can give you the pattern as I remember it but I didn’t post the pattern just because it’s not mine, and I am not sure how these things work (regarding copyright etc)! xxx

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