a hope filled wander through walsall…

I thought I would share with you some pics and musings from our rambles…

new year 2014-7new year 2014-3 new year 2014-4 new year 2014-5 new year 2014-6

One of the good things about holidays and weekends is having the time (away from the busyness of life) to think; to reflect on past events, to plan for future happenings and best of all to escape into our imagination – to dream! As an adult I find it harder to imagine, maybe because logic and reasoning and past experience tells me that imagination can be dangerous. Is it a fear of disappointment? or perhaps the notion that my dreaming will only lead me to be discontent about my reality.

Over the last year especially I have allowed myself a little luxury of imagining more, hoping more, dreaming more… like dabbling my bare feet in a cold stream, and the results have been so refreshing. I realise that to hope is a catalyst in bringing about that which you hope for .. this blog and the cafe are both things I only imagined would be possible just 18 months ago… and here I am! This year I want to go knee deep!!! I am excited to see what lies ahead!new year 2014-2new year 2014-1

So what about 2014 for you? What are you dreaming for yourself and for your family? Try a little hope and watch as your dreams unfold before you



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