crochet bow tie

hallo everyone!

Remember this post I did just before Christmas, featuring my handsome friend Matt sporting a rather fetching crochet bow -tie?

I have since made a whole bunch to sell so I thought it would be fun to show them off here!! The pattern I used was adapted from this one.

But first a little story about a girl (me!) who walks into a gorgeous little boutique (the very cool- life of dad boutique) in Walsall. As it happens I was wearing my crochet necklace and the lovely shop-lady took a liking to it and commissioned me to make her a few, and see if they sold! and they did! wahey!!! Since then she commissioned me again, this time to make some fun crochet bow-ties!

so there is the story behind these lovelies and now I leave you to browse …

crochet bow-ties 1 crochet bow-ties 3 crochet bow-ties 4 crochet bow-ties 5 crochet bow-ties 7 crochet bow-ties 8

crochet bow-ties 6

So if you’d like to buy your very own bow-tie just pop on down to Life of Dad in Walsall!

yay!… until next time



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