a little help from my friends

I can’t believe it is Saturday already! I have been meaning to put up the pics of our LOVELY baking from the cafe last week… leading up to valentines day of course! I have a wonderful baker who supplies cakes and slices etc to the cafe, she is a budding entrepreneur and very talented! We came up with the idea for heart shaped cookies with a message! She made them from shortbread and iced them beautifully and of course they sold instantly!

hearts cookies

heart cookies 5 heart cookies 4 heart cookies 3 heart cookies 2

heart cookies 6

my attempt at baking was these little love heart cupcakes… cute huh!

valentines cupcakes 3 valentines cupcakes

It is such a blessing to know and collaborate with so many talented people, the cafe just wouldn’t be the same without them! and this gave me a thought… the next few posts I am going to do are all going to be about the wonderful people who contribute to Manna house Cafe or to Sew a Seed…In celebration of hearts and minds coming together, unity and community! I can’t wait!

So here is the first in the series… in honour of Ali Beechey of Love Creations….

Ali from love creations

Thanks Ali!!!


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