collaboration with Express Image

Last week I had an awesome time down at Express Image HQ in Walsall. Express Image is a design company set up by Anthony and Ricardo Consiglio to produce art that carries the Gospel message. Checkout their beautiful unique pieces on their website. Seeing as I had a week off from the cafe (for half-term), brothers Anthony and Ricardo invited me down to have a go at designing a small range of items for Mothers day.

We started the day in Starbucks (this is, I believe, the best way to start the day!) discussing and finalising our ideas and plans. We decided on cute vintage-style jewellery hangers using cotton spools. I don’t know about you, but I have a tonne of necklaces that need some place to stay other than the large bowl on my window sill in which they currently reside in a tangled mess! The jewellery hangers would be cute and quirky and also a very practical gift for any mum!

We had such fun browsing the streets of Walsall for a variety of coloured cotton spools, some beautiful floral vintage fabric as well as french grey wood paint and bees-wax to create distressed wooden frames. We also came across some beautiful hand painted ceramic door knobs that were perfect!

Back at the workshop it was exciting to be part of the building process and the boys work very efficiently together- cutting and sanding, painting and waxing, glueing and stapling and finally screwing everything into place!

Mother's day 6Mother's day 3Mother's day 5 Mother's day 4 Mother's day 2

The results were better than I could have imagined!

Spools raspberries 3 copy

spools florals 3

Spools raspberries 1

spools florals 1

Spools raspberries 2

knobs yellow 3

knobs lace

knobs green 1

Don’t you just love them?! We also designed a small range of mothers day prints to be framed and sold at their various local retailers.

Mother's day 1

What impressed me most about the brothers, is their ability to move from an idea and make it a reality in a very short space of time. So many of us (me included) get stuck in the idea stage, to afraid to take the risk and make it happen! The result here, at Express Image, is a fantastic expanding business brimming with life!

Thank you boys for a fun week … your the best!


Checkout Ant and Ric’s website and visit their shop to see other wonderful products they have for sale, I have it on good authority that they will soon be selling oh Etsy where you will be able to buy one of these lovely hangers! 


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