chocolate cherry cupcakes

I made these lovelies for my hubby’s birthday today. He loves the whole chocolate + fruit combo and I thought I would try something new.

chocolate cherry cupcakes

I followed the hummingbird bakery recipe for chocolate cupcakes (I love their cake days app- and use it ALL the time!). Once the cupcakes were baked i cut out a small hole in the middle and filled it with a tsp of cherry pie filling.I then iced them and garnished with glace cherries covered in chocolate… they were scrumptious!!!

choccherry11 choccherry10choccherry9choccherry6choccherry7 choccherry8 choccherry5 choccherry4 choccherry3 choccherry1

Rather pretty too don’t you think!

lots of love xxx


6 thoughts on “chocolate cherry cupcakes

  1. Oooooh! Absolute chocolate heaven! You are so clever, Jules…. I am now going to look at the hummingbird bakery site! I need some inspiration to bake these days! Lotsa love xxx

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