easter break

I have been thoroughly enjoying the lovely sunny weather the last few days! I love easter break: the spring flowers and fresh sunny days that hold the promise of a hot summer!

spring tulips

And there is so much to do in the next couple of weeks, what with the packing and sorting through all our stuff (we are planning on moving house… more on that later!), visiting family and catching up with friends as well as all those crochet projects to finish, not forgetting to plan menus!!! It is going to be fun!

on the subject of crochet, I have just completed the little baby blanket I have been working on for my sister’s little one (due in May!). I started this in January during the cold winter and now that it is complete I am not sure she will need such a chunky warm blanket! But I know she will appreciate it!!! I chose subtle colours -creams, blues and greys that I thought would go in her lovely country style home!

crochet baby blanketbaby blanky 4 crochet baby blanketcrochet baby blanket

hope you like it.. let me know what you think in the comments below!



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