snuggle up this winter…

… with a handmade pair of chunky crochet slippers!

These lovelies were so simple and quick to make, using a pattern from a magazine which was originally from the book “The Makery”. I whipped these up over Christmas while lounging on my mum-in-laws sofa watching TV! I definitely recommend making these, they are so comfy and so easy.. so grab a 6mm hook and some chunky wool and get to it!

crochet slippers

I added some crochet flowers as a cute embellishment… but anything is possible!

crochet slippers3crochet slippers5 crochet slippers6 crochet slippers7

oh and p.s. Happy new year!



Merry Christmas!

Tis the season to be jolly! This last few weeks have been full of christmas parties, christmas dinners and loads of christmas shopping! I went too my very first craft fayre as Sew-a-seed, hosted in the bible college! It was such a lovely couple of days, a really good experience!

I thought I would share with you some pics of my stall and of course the lovely crafty things I had made to sell, with help from a couple of friends who modelled my crochet bows and chunky crochet cowls! Thanks Ali and Matt… you guys look good in crochet!

christmas craft fayre 9christmas craft fayre 10christmas craft fayre 7 christmas craft fayre 6 christmas craft fayre 3christmas craft fayre8 christmas craft fayre4christmas craft fayre 5

Have a wonderful Christmas!


crochet baubles

It is probably a little early to be posting about Christmas plans, but it’s the most wonderful time of the year and I can’t wait to get started !!! In addition to the joy of Christmas, is the eventful happening of the upcoming one year anniversary of sew a seed! yayayay!

Way back then, when I started the blog, I shared with you some crochet baubles I had made for our tree last Christmas, they were just soo beautiful and I decided to make loads more this Christmas and try and sell them in the cafe!

Here is my first batch of brightly coloured beauties, spectacular in their festive fabulousness!

nannabaubles nannabaubles2 nannabaubles3 nannabaubles4 nannabaubles6 nannabaubles8 nannabaubles9

Are you feeling in the more in the mood for Christmas?! I am!!!

The pattern for these lovelies is from Pip Lincoln,

I tried my hand at a little animation too… hope you like it!

crochet christmas baubles


the crochet necklace

I fell in love with crochet chain-link chains after seeing yokoo’s etsy shop… such amazing designs and so cool! Of course I had to try and do it myself! I thought id start off small, I would one day love to do the chunky knit sported by yokoo but you know what they say: “don’t despise small beginnings”..  So I followed a pattern by sarah lambeth designs using acrylic yarn and a 3mm crochet hook.

I really like the result don’t you!

crochet chain-link necklace crochet chain link necklace3 crochet chain link necklace6 crochet chainlink necklace4 crochet chainlink necklace5 crochet necklace 2

wassthat you say?  “looks like a chain of woolly sausages around your neck”… How rude!!!

just give it a chance!!!!

I have lots of ideas for future necklaces and of course I have to now try the giant chain-link scarf yokoo style! Just in time for some Christmas prezzies maybe?! xxx

banana loaf

hey! did you know my sister and her husband are banana farmers?? …. tis true! All the way over in Zambia!

I love banana anything; bread, cake, milkshake, ice-cream, splits! hmmmm! scrummy! and seeing as I was given loads of bananas last week for the cafe I decided to keep some to ripen and make banana loaf!

This was my second attempt. the first was a bit gooey as it didn’t cook all the way through, but I used a different recipe (Hummingbird bakery- fail-safe recipes), lowered the oven temperature and it turned out great!

banana loaf cake banana loaf cake banana loaf cakebanana loaf cake

I really liked this recipe because of the spices; cinnamon and ginger which bring warmth to the sweetness of the banana!

The cake sold really well in the cafe today.., a real hit!

I can’t wait to try more banana recipes, I’m thinking banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting….you with me?!!!


A new venture

Hello again, after another looooong break,

this time my excuse for not blogging is a really good one!

Five weeks ago I embarked on a new venture; to run the little cafe at Charis Bible college where I studied for the last three years. The name is “Manna House Cafe” and I provide coffees and teas, snacks and lunches every day to staff and students. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few weeks, cleaning and setting up the kitchen, coming up with menu ideas and having to learn all about budgeting!

Still I really want to keep up with my blog, as I have so loved it, and I thought I could continue by sharing my recipe ideas and attempts at baking while now and then posting some crochet or sewing when I get a chance to complete one of my many projects!

This way, sew a seed remains a creative place to be!

So, without further ado, I introduce to you,

“Manna House Cafe”- delicious home-made food served everyday!

manna house 11manna house 2 manna house 12 manna house 13
I feel very privileged to have been given this project, I love trying new recipes each week and getting to bake lovely things and sell them. Truthfully though I only have succeeded in baking twice since we opened, and have found no-bakes to be the ultimate life savers; fridge cakes and rice-krispie bars..etc are so quick and easy to make and there is never any risk that they haven’t cooked all the way through, it helps too that they are very popular!!!

manna house 1

manna house 9

manna house 8

manna house 7

manna house 6

manna house4

manna house3

I have managed a little crafty effort during lazy evenings over the last 4 weeks… a lovely pom pom garland! It was simple to make and I love how fluffy and pretty it is!
pom pom garland

manna house 10
well that is all folks!

Hope you enjoyed my little catch up…
I’ll be back soon with more tales from Manna House cafe and more


learning to pipe!

I love the look of piping around the edge of a cushion don’t you?

It’s not fussy or over-the-top but rather just adds a touch of elegance! It isn’t too complicated to do, but it is a little fiddly. Using beautiful floral fabric I found in the sale bin at our local haberdashery for the front and some lovely mauve linen for the back, my mum-in-law taught me to sew my very first piped-edge cushion. Again I can’t take much credit for this project… it is so lovely though isn’t it!!!!

piping cushion2 piping cushion1 piping cushion3


a pretty pinny

Finally after weeks of being away I am back!  It is a new year for me! I just celebrated my birthday this weekend and had such a wonderful surprise… I got a camera!!! wohoo! so here is to lots of new blog posts and no more excuses!!!

I have been doing some crafting over the last couple of weeks, the most successful attempts were of course when my mum-in-law came to visit!!! She taught me how to sew my very first item of clothing; a very pretty pinny! We followed a pattern from Chloe Owen’s book.

pretty pinny pretty pinny

home made pinny

I really can’t take credit for this (although I would love too!), the majority was all my mum-in-law!

I just love it! and look forward to making more!!!


good tv

wow! It really has been ages since my last post and it is going to be a couple of weeks since my next one as I am off camping (in a caravan) in Somerset. Recently my motivation for creativity has ebbed slightly, so in a way it is good to have a break! Especially one away from the TV!! Yes I am a huge fan of watching TV (oops… it’s out there!). And because I have been spending rather alot of time recently watching it, I thought I would share with you all some of the best of the summer. I have to say that this has been an amazing year for crime drama’s, which are my total favourite!

I’ll start with my favourite of all time: Agatha Christie’s Poirot. I grew up watching Poirot, I have watched this show for years and never tire of it. I love the elegance of the sets and outfits and cars, the excellent plot twists and of course the genius that is Hercule Poirot. It’s is not only his incredibly neat moustache, impeccable taste in .. well absolutely everything  that charms you, but also his absolute confidence in himself that he is ALWAYS right! And probably my favourite thing of all is how he refers to himself in the third person! ha! genius!


So imagine my delight when I discovered ITV were doing another series, I was sad though to learn that this will be their final series.. 😦

Here are some pics from the first episode of the new series “Elephants never forget”: It is brilliant TV and I highly recommend it!



Another great British crime drama, this one I discovered with my mum-in-law: ITV’s Endeavour. Inspector Morse was another detective series we loved as a family and Endeavour tells the story of Morse in his early years as a detective in Oxford in the 60’s. It is absolutely brilliant! Shaun Evans does a fab job as Morse and again I find myself drawn in by the costumes and sets that beautifully portray times past.
ITV-endeavourI was introduced to the whole world of “scandi-drama” through my baby sister and have been hooked ever since. My particular favourite for the summer is Swedish drama Arne Dahl, shown on BBC4. Arne Dahl is based on 5 stories written by Swedish novelist Jan Arnald. The sophisticated, gruesome, intense 10 episodes were filled with suspense and fantastic story-telling. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and very quickly fell in love with all the different characters in the A-group! Thank you Sweden!

arne dahl
arne dahl
arne dahl
arne dahl

Next is a US series based on a scandi-drama: ABC’s The Killing. This crime drama was unique in that it took a whole 3 series, that is 38 episodes to solve a single murder. How did they manage this? Through some pretty awesome story telling skills which involved numerous red herrings! Throughout the three series you become convinced over and over again that they have the right person only to find the suspect is innocent.
ABC's the killing

ABCs the killing

ABCs the Killing
Again there are strong characters; Detective Linden (the single mum with a mysterious past, throws her whole life into her work and her relationship with her son suffers as a result) and Detective Holder (ex-drug addict and my favourite character, he is so genuine) with whom you can’t help but forge relationships with. I think this show is also unique in it’s portrayal of the murder victim’s family, you enter into their pain and watch as they struggle to cope with the loss. I fell into a love hate relationship with Michelle Forbes’ character (Rosie’s mum) as you can’t help feeling sorry for her but also resenting her a little for the way she deals with her daughter’s death.

ok this is the last one I promise!!!
I only found this show this week. It is currently showing on BBC2 on Saturdays and is set in New Zealand, it is called Top of the Lake. I was intrigued by this show due to the presence of ABC’s Madmen (Aaaah I love that show!) actress Elizabeth Moss. I have only seen 2 episodes and so far so good! It is visually stunning, set around the story of a missing girl and filled with strange, unique characters, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it when I get back!

top of the lake

top of the lake
top of the lake
well that’s all folks! Hope it hasn’t bored you to death!
and I will be back in 2 weeks time

one man’s trash….

on saturday I had the privilege of joining some friends on their stall at a local car boot sale!

It was such a fun day, the weather was perfect and despite waking up at 4:45 am I thoroughly enjoyed searching through all the stalls to find my treasures! I don’t think I was as good at selling stuff as I was at buying stuff  😉

I brought so many beautiful things home all of which were total bargains!

I totally recommend car boots for finding things for your home, there was everything there; from housewares, to DIY stuff, plants, clothes, toys and even lawn mowers! I am soooo addicted and can’t wait to go again soon…

and here is what I bought:

– a beautiful floral lamp base (£5)

– lamp shade (50p)

– large floral vase (£3)

– vintage desk lamp (£1)

– 70’s (?) style teapot (£1.50)

– and 2 bamboo print planters ( £5)

… amazing right!

carboot finds 6carboot finds 05car boot findscarboot finds 5vintage desk lamp vintage pottery from a car boot sale